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My first ever created professional 3D portfolio can be found here. As you may have noticed the entire project is photorealistic, which means all the objects and their parents are 100% accurate.
During the process of creating this visual render I have mostly used Google's Sketchup.

The project is exclusively hosted on cgarchitect.com one of the most widely used site by both professional and amateur visual artists.
More information HERE


This section pretty much covers my notable projects.

  • LCDM (Liberty City Death Match) - My own personal project, it is currently a home site for one of my game servers which is the wildly popular multiplayer modification for GTA III (Grand Theft Auto)
  • HRT (Hungarian Rammstein Trading) - A content manager system to be exact, I consider this as my oldest project I have ever worked on, scripted back in 2006. This site is no longer publicly available.
  • Console - A small experiment written in javascript to mimic the behaviour of our good old' windows command prompt, with added sugar.
  • GUPS (General Use Pawn Scripts) - As the title suggests this project has nothing to do with web development. A script I have written in PAWN language for the Vice City Multiplayer community.
  • GUSS (General Use Squirrel Scripts) - A script I have written in Squirrel scripting language for my privately held LCDM server.
  • CS:GO Item Drop Reset Counter - Simple counter to check the next item drop cap reset.


This is my personal root site which is pretty much all about my works, projects I have done. If you wish to contact me about something please send me a mail to tamas@tamasnet.eu

Or leave me a message: